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05 February 2007 @ 06:29 pm
The best day ever. Enid and I skipped school and went to the cinemas to see "The Hitcher" for my eighteenth b'day. Her shout. Didn't really care for the movie, but loved Sophia Bush. We then drove just over an hour to Café Tartine for lunch. I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life. Some random guy even came up to us and asked us to stop laughing, so of course we laughed in his face. I would turn lesbian for Enid Rollins.

After lunch, we drove about five minutes to the Roosevelt Hotel, which is where we and all our friends from SVH are staying tonight after my party at Les Deux. Enid and I spent the last twenty minutes dressing up, but I'm taking a beauty break for the internet. Very nerdy, I know, but all that hairspray and high heels and foundation and what not was making me dizzy. And I can't be dizzy tonight. Tonight is going to be the raddest night of the year. Can't get too drunk, though. School tomorrow. School gets in the way of everything. Ha.

Argh. Enid is begging me to hurry up. Les Deux is about one minute away from the hotel, but the party starts at 7:00pm and we have to arrive before the guests.

I am so stoked. It's time to party! Woo!
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03 February 2007 @ 05:06 pm
Mum and Dad kicked me out of the house last night. I didn't lie about trying cigarettes - I just didn't mention it. I've been smoking for about four months now. Mum finally realised yesterday afternoon. "I can smell it on your clothes," was what she said to me. And yet she hasn't discovered that Jessica's been experimenting with drugs since she was fifteen. Whatever. I refused to be drawn into an argument about smoking. Mum, of course, loves rows, so things escalated. An hour later, about 6:30pm, Dad arrived home from work. Mum and I were still at each other's throats. She told Dad about me smoking. He went ballistic. Mum then ordered me to pack up all of my stuff and find a new home today. Dad tried to change her mind, but she persuaded him. So I casually walked upstairs and then was on the phone for ages, ringing my friends to see if any of their parents would let me move in with them for four months until I graduate and go to college. Maria's parents said no, but Enid's mum said yes.

Dad cooked filet mignon for the family. I'm sure it was a lovely meal. I spent the night and early morning gathering my things into backpacks and overnight bags. And I'm technically not apart of the family anymore, so I ate strawberries and ice-cream for dinner.

Enid arrived before anyone woke up, so we loaded my stuff into the boot of her mum's car and I cried the whole way to their house.

I now live in the spare bedroom at Enid's house. Not exactly the location I ever imagined to be living at on my eighteen birthady. That's life, I guess. Two days until I'm eighteen. Things might start looking up.

I never want to speak to Jessica again. She made things worse by bad-mouthing me to Mum and Dad. I don't think they'll ever love me as much as they did when I was a little girl. And that's the worst thing that's come out of all of this.
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I broke Jessica's nose with an encyclopaedia. She told me this afternoon that she and Ken hooked up on Sunday night. She's a dirty hoe. I just couldn't handle her anymore. We started arguing and I grabbed the encyclopaedia and hit her across the nose. She screamed, her nose started bleeding and I locked myself in my bedroom until Dad, Mum, Jessica and Chrissy came home from the hospital. Mum slapped me across the face and Dad pulled my hair as he yelled at me. Living at home is just getting worse and worse. I can't wait until graduation when I will be off to college, far away from my family.
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24 January 2007 @ 09:13 pm
Yesterday, during the drive to Ken's house, Enid and I were mocking how Jessica and Lila pronounce Ken's name: "Ke-en!" Their voices are so whiney. And then we were laughing because Ken had told us earlier that he had just gotten a facial. We decided it's not that big of a deal, though, because we get facials, too. But we are girls.

And so Ken got in the Jacuzzi and then Enid jumped in after him and, like, stuffed her bum in his face. He was so nervous, like, he didn't know whether to check her out or turn away. It was cute, but I had to stop myself from laughing. I then got in and he just kept smiling at me, so I smiled at him and rolled my eyes and he laughed. He then asked me if I'd ever have a threesome. I said no because it's disgusting. He then asked me if I would have a threesome if it was two guys. I said no. He then asked about three girls or two girls, but I shook my head.

So we moved on from that topic to senior year. I said that Enid basically got mean this year. And she's like, "I didn't get mean, you whorebag." Ken was like, "Whoah!" and I'm like, "Listen to what you just said," and Enid agreed that she's gotten a little mean. Ken then asked (jokingly) what he should do to get more girls into his Jacuzzi. Enid and I didn't say anything, so Ken sarcastically thanked us for all our advice. It was just so much fun. Ken then chased Enid and I around his backyard and threw both of us into this pool. I'll miss the two of them so much when we graduate in June.

Jess and I turn eighteen in twelve days. We're so excited. I think we'll get a car each, but I'm not positive. Like a combined graduation and birthday present or something. And I'm hoping for a pair of Chanel crystal stud earrings and a diamond encrusted platinum watch. Jess and I were looking through catalogues and stuff, so maybe...

I'm so bored. I've finished all my homework after five hours. I think there's a rerun of "Friends" on soon, so I might go watch that. I'll get some coffee and fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV. I really don't want to be around my parents right now. They're driving me crazy. Jessica has them wrapped around her little finger. I can't wait until Steven comes home to visit from college because he'll put them in their place.
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23 January 2007 @ 05:12 pm
I no longer feel anything for Todd. I feel so weird. I saw him so many times today at school and there was nothing. No connection, no spark. It actually made me sad. I mean, we dated for more than a whole year and now I feel absolutely no love towards him. I don't know why this suddenly just happened, but it did. Even though I said I wasn't going to pine for him and I moved on to Ken, I still felt like I loved Todd. But now, it's like he's just my friend or something. And he said a joke today...I didn't laugh and get butterflies in my stomach, wishing we were still together. I laughed and felt like I was laughing at a joke said by my friend. Todd admitted to me yesterday that he still loves me, but that he also likes Cara Walker. I don't know when he'll stop loving me.

Jessica confessed today that she didn't like Aaron until about a second after she said yes to be his girlfriend. She told me she only agreed to be his girlfriend to make Ken jealous, but then she started liking Aaron and got over Ken. Jess is so weird when it comes to guys.

Winston's gangster party was awesome, except when Jess and Aaron got into a random fight at the nightclub, so all the guys left in one cab with Aaron and all the girls left in another cab with Jessica. Those two are so full of drama. Of course they had "I'm sorry" sex when we got back to California.

Ken's been all intimate with me lately. He keeps tickling me and kissing my forehead and giving me bear hugs. It's like we're a couple or something. Todd told me that Ken's liked me for about six days now. He also said that Ken had liked Jessica since Miller's Point, but that he got over Jessica the day we came back to California from New York. It's like love season in Sweet Valley or something.

Anyway, Enid and I are gonna call Ken and ask to use his new Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi, Jacuzzi.
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13 January 2007 @ 06:42 pm
Whaddup? I'm posting from New York. Winston decided to host his gangster party in the city that never sleeps, so his parents paid for a few of his friends to fly across the country. They're also paying for all the accommodation. They're legends. We arrived about a half hour ago. Our hotel is just outside Manhattan, so tonight Winston, Todd, Ken, Aaron, Jessica, Lila, Enid and I are catching a cab into the city and partying the night away. It will be suh-weet.

School started back Monday. It was shit, shit, shit. I applied as a late entry to the University of New York, though. That's the same college Felicity Porter attended. Yesterday I had a cool kung fu fight with Todd that involved me getting lifted up and thrown against a wall. Good times.

Speaking of Todd, he and Lila went on one date about a week ago. Accoridng to Jess, they had a good time and then Lila invited Todd to hang out at her mansion, but then she called Todd three night ago and said she didn't like him anymore, and then went on a date with Bruce Patman after. Todd was really jealous, even though Lila had an awful time with Bruce. Todd's over her, though. I sat next to him on the plane, so we talked about stuff. He likes some other chick now, but he won't tell me who. It's probably Enid. As for me, I like Ken. I'm not sure if he likes me. I've seen him staring at me out of the corner of his eye, though. And he took me to Malibu Beach on New Year's and would not let go of my arm. He seemed really protective, even a bit clingy.

I better bounce. Jess, Lila and Enid are trying to hurry me out of our hotel room and into the guys'. It shall be fun.
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18 December 2006 @ 04:32 pm
Okay. Best weekend ever! On Saturday I worked from 1:00pm - 6:30pm, which was okay...but it was heaps busy and rushed, but I got through it smiling! I sold heaps of decaf non-fat lattes. I'm not really sure why, but lots of people buy decaf non-fat lattes. I don't really like them, personally...but, hey! Whatever floats your boat.

Then on Sunday, Ken, Winston and I drove to LA for the fashion show. I didn't have any alcohol, but the two of them got so drunk. I even had to hold their hands and walk them across the street 'cause they could hardly stand on their own. And then we were having fun checking out all the models at the fashion show, until one started checking out Ken. I was so bummed. And to make matters worse, that same day, Ken called Jessica and asked her out on a date...but she said no 'cause (as of this morning) she and Aaron Dallas are back together. I was so relieved. Anyway, the Dairi Burger then called me and asked if I could come in straight away 'cause they were super busy. Enid was working, too, so we both worked on the registers and had fun with that.

Todd is still trying convince Lila to go out with him. He even sends flowers to her mansion every morning. He is so cheesy, but in a sweet way. I think Lila's finally going to say yes to him sometime soon. She's always talking to Jess about him, so of course Jess then tells me. I don't really care if they become a couple or whatever. I mean, it's over between us. I just want Todd and me to be close. Like, best friends close. But Lila will probably try and ruin our friendship 'cause she's so mean.
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13 December 2006 @ 05:08 am
Jessica likes Ken. I can't believe it. Seriously. She danced with Ken, like, one time at Lila's Christmas party and slept with two other guys, but of course it has to be Ken she likes and not the two guys she had sex with. We got back from Miller's Point about half an hour ago. Jess came with Ken, Winston, Maria and me to Miller's Point 'cause I told her where I was going and who was going to be there and then she confessed to liking Ken, so she invited herself along. And of course she's convinced herself that he's crazy in love with her. But I don't think he likes either of us 'cause we decided to play Spin the Bottle in Winston's car 'cause we were all so bored, but Ken refused to kiss any of us. He even said that I was gross when the bottle pointed to me for him to kiss. So I said that he was gross also and then pashed Winston right in front of him. I know that's so slutty, but I just wanted to make him jealous. But now I regret it 'cause kissing Winston is so disguting. It felt like I was drowning in his saliva.

I miss Todd. I still love him so much.
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12 December 2006 @ 05:31 pm
I have the flu right before fucking Christmas. I am so cold right now. I've got the heater turned on and watched "Family Guy" and "Dirty Dancing" all day long instead of going to school. And I baby-sat Chrissy for Mom and Dad. Today's been shit and I still have to call the Dairi Burger and tell them I can't work my shift tonight.

This weekend is going to be totally awesome. Winston, Ken and I are taking a road trip to LA for a fashion show. The stores in LA are so weird. They're just, like, open. I guess it's the best way to attract people to come in or something. I'm bringing the cards, cigars and whiskey. Actually, maybe I'll replace the cigars and whiskey with cigarettes and bacardi. I'm excited about the fashion show, but I'm more excited about spending time with Ken. Lila's Christmas party was last Saturday and Ken and I got drunk and ended up making out in Lila's bedroom. He then took me shoe shopping for three hours at Fred Segal on Sunday. I'm not pining for Todd. I'm moving on. He's still trying to hook up with Lila, but she says she's "been there, done that" with him. Also, she thinks he's too boring now.

I've applied for Yale, Harvard, Princeton...and Sweet Valley University. Jess practically filled out the SVU application form for me. She said, "Going to college is such an important time in your life. You know, a new place, new people, new experiences. I don't think I could be without my sister, too." I agreed 'cause Jessica has always been there for me. She's everything to me.

My tenure as the editor-in-chief of "The Oracle" ended almost one month ago. I've been so bored 'cause there's jack shit to do.

Right now I'm listening to "I Tried to Rock You, But You Only Roll" by Leona Naess and I'm watching "Ray", starring Jamie Foxx, on DVD. It's a good movie, but not as good as "Cinderella Man".

I'm talking to Winston, my violent sex partner, on the phone. He's having a gangster party next month. I'm suggesting a flapper party instead, but he's just laughing at me. Anyway, the two of us are going with Ken to Miller's Point tonight. Winston's excited 'cause he's gonna get some action with Ken. Jokes. Maria's coming with us, too. Now I have three things to look forward to and they are:

1) Miller's Point.
2) fashion show.
3) Winston's gangster party.
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03 December 2006 @ 07:26 pm
Todd broke up with me tonight...he said that things weren't working out or something. A little more than one whole year of dating and he gives me some lame excuse. It happened at the bonfire just before. All our friends thought he wanted to talk to me to apologise for our fight last night. I'm such an idiot. And he went and started flirting with Lila as soon as he dumped me. He's such a jackass. I was really angry at him before, but now I'm just so sad. I can't stop crying. Jess has been great. I love her soo much. She's promised to check with Todd's friends tomorrow at school about why he broke up with me. Me and Jess think he's trying to get with Lila. I hope not because she's such a slut.
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